March entering Vienna

March entering Vienna
Civil March for Aleppo entering Vienna

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Civil March for Aleppo - DAY 73 - From Zagreb to Sarajevo

Barefoot in Sarajevo with the Civil March for Aleppo

Here is the presentation of  the major event that will take place in Sarajevo, march 22:

The Civil March for Aleppo will enter Sarajevo on Wednesday March 22 2017, 25 years after the beginning of the city's bloody siege. To commemorate the war of yesterday while protesting against the one of today, a major event will take place in the Bosnian capital during that day and everywhere in the world at the same time.

Take part in The Barefoot Day for Peace in Syria with The Civil March for Aleppo,
The Civil March will enter Sarajevo from the North, On wednesday March 22nd. We will meet at 12h on Urbania bridge and pay tribute to the first victim of the 1992 siege. 11 541 rose leaves will be dropped in the Miljacka river to commemorate the victims of the war. We will invite all the political representatives to join us there, including ambassadors, politicians, UN members, religious community leaders, etc.. Then, the Civil March will reach the Eternal Flame in Ferhadija street. Just before entering Marsala Tita, the participants will be invited to take off their shoes and pick up a candle. Buckets of red paint will be placed on the street in order for the participants to step into them. The Civil March will then reach Bascarsija, leaving behind them thousands of red footprints. At the square, a piano will be displayed and Aeham Ahmad, the pianist that played in the ruins of Damascus, will perform. Then, a 24 hours open air peace talks will start at the same place.

24h open air peace talks
Right after the piano concert, a 24h public discussion will take place under the supervision of a Civil March moderator. We want to focuse on topics which can increase power of civilians towards problem of war in today's world. Therefore, will be created a place for dialog about our own possibilities and skills in creating a good society. The space is prepared for 12 participants with a same number of chairs divided in a circle. Everyone can listen to the talks and take part by seating on one of the chairs. Taking part in this event means following the rules of agora which will be clearly displayed among the participants.

The red footprint symbol
The Civil March for Aleppo idea is to walk the opposite way to the refugees entering Europe. We all saw the terrifying images of these people abandoning everything behind them, including sometimes their own shoes. This is why, we would like the world to show its compassion for these refugees seeking asylum in our countries.
Let's cover the world with our red footprints!
The Civil March wants the same event to take place in all the major cities of the world. An international call will be launched to all the mayors in the world in order to have them organized.

How to do it?
Each city will organize its own barefoot for peace event, based on the major one in Sarajevo. The Civil March will provide its logotype and communication tools.
The main goal of the demonstration: Mobilizing the world for peace in Syria and obtain free circulation of the Civil March in that country,
We want to obtain maximum support to help the Civil March crossing the Turkish border with Syria in order to reach Aleppo. The Civil March has gathered more than 26 different nationalities so far, including Polish, German, Austrian, Czech, Italian, Spanish, Danish, Norwegian, English, French, Brazilian, Argentinian, Swiss, Luxembourgeois,.. This represents a powerful group of pressure that no state can ignore.

How to succeed?
The Civil March for Aleppo wants to enter Syria. To reach that goal, all the citizens of the world are asked to write to their representative on various levels (mayor, deputy, minister, president, UN delegate) to make it happened. A standard letter is already on line: Everyone is deeply encouraged to copy and send it in her/his own country.

Why to join us in Sarajevo?
Since the end of WWII, the world has become one. Each citizen of the planet is now concerned about what is going on in the other side of the world. And when we forget about it, some terrorist attacks occur to remind us of it. If we want peace for us, we need to act for peace for the others otherwise, war will expand and soon reach us for good. This is a cold and basic statement no one can deny. Therefore, even to those who don't share our compassion for the victims of these crimes that are taking place in Syria, we ask them to join us on March 22 in Sarajevo or anywhere else in the world.

Seat and cry or walk and smile
The Civil March for Aleppo welcomes everyone who is fed up with the feeling of helplessness towards this war. Come and yell your anger with us, march and show your concern to the people of Syria. They need it to regain hope in human being and the Civil March for Aleppo makes it possible.

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