March entering Vienna

March entering Vienna
Civil March for Aleppo entering Vienna

Monday, February 20, 2017

Civil March for Aleppo - DAY 56 - Ahmad

Ahmad from Aleppo. This is how we present him. This is how he presents himself. What else to tell? Too less or too much. Therefore, Ahmad keeps quiet. He decided to join us in Austria where he lives since a year and a half. Ahmad is in his twenties, away from his homeland, away from his family, away from his friends. What can we share with him? We never had to flee our countries, never had to live under heavily shellings, never had to fear for our lives daily. Therefore the only deep thing we can share together are these kilometers covered by foot, sharing the same effort, the same tiredness at the end of the day.  And it is already a lot,

Ahmad d'Alep. C'est ainsi qu'il se présente. Il Marche avec nous depuis plus d'une semaine, en direction du pays qu'il a dû fuir un an et demi auparavant. Ahmad ne parle pas beaucoup. Mais que pourrait-il bien partager avec nous ? Ni les bombes, ni les morts, ni la peur qui l'ont obsédé pendant 5 ans. Alors il marche, silencieux, discret et souriant. Marcher, c'est la seule activité qui peut nous rapprocher en profondeur, partager la même fatigué, les mêmes douleurs, le même effort. Et c'est déjà pas si mal,

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