March entering Vienna

March entering Vienna
Civil March for Aleppo entering Vienna

Sunday, January 29, 2017

Are we marching or running away? Une Marche ou une fuite ?:

Civil March for Aleppo - Day 35 / arrival in Brno
Very cold  28km walk before reaching Brno. Few kids are with us. Amazing kids that have nothing to do with a conflict between adults. Nevertheless, they come with their parents and walk. Do they really understand why we do so? Do we?
After our arrival we attended to a debate at Bajkazyl, an alternative bar, full of bicycles hung on the ceilings. Very tempting to get one and keep on biking instead of walking. Time to gather in a small room with around 30 people and the debate starts with the same repeating question: why do you March?
Two options: wether you get straight away out of the circle and go to the bar for a glass of Czech white wine or you start thinking to the answer. I did the both and it helped a bit. First, is it obvious that we are marching? Aren't we running away instead?
I am convinced that I would be much more efficient by protesting in my own country in order to put pressure on our politicians. It would be much more powerful to stand every day in front of the building of Dassault Industries showing with pictures to their employees the amazing efficiency of their high technology when employed to kill civilians. But I don't. I prefer to join a group of people and March towards Aleppo. I am therefore not marching but running away from my responsibility as à French citizen. That is a fact. And this is the only common point I share with refugees: I am running away,

Toujours la même question qui nous revient aux oreilles : pourquoi marchez-vous ? À force de chercher une réponse à chaque fois différente car la répétition est selon moi un signe de sénilité avancée, je me demande si marcher est le bon verbe. Fuir ne serait-il pas plus approprié ? Fuir nos responsabilités en tant que citoyens de pays démocrates ? Et plutôt que de partir sur la route, ne serait-il pas plus efficace d'aller s'enchaîner aux grilles de l'Assemblée où aller montrer aux employés de chez Dassault Industries la remarquable efficacité de leur haute technologie quand il s'agit de massacrer des êtres humains ? Non, je préfère marcher, c'est plus reposant. Je préfère fuir. Et c'est bien là le seul point en commun que cette Marche partage avec les réfugiés,

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